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Mt. Lebanon Baseball Association requires standardized background screening for all Managers, Coaches and Board Members for the organization.

If you want to volunteer to Manage, Coach or be a Board Member, you must get a background check.

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League-Board Meetings 2015:
Location: Bado's Upstairs

Sunday - Nov. 15 - 6:30 PM

MLBA Overview

The purpose of the Mt. Lebanon Baseball Association (MLBA) is to provide an opportunity for the children of township residents to learn and play baseball.

The emphasis of the program is to create a recreational & instructional environment in which the participants can have fun, learn to play the game of baseball and enjoy the experience of a team sport.

A league format is structured to allow the participants to progress through the various levels of baseball. Competitive team play, including playoffs, is introduced at the Minors League level (9 & 10 year olds). HOWEVER, AT ALL TIMES, THE RECREATIONAL ASPECTS OF THE PROGRAM WILL REMAIN THE PRIMARY OBJECTIVE WITHIN THE COMPETITIVE FRAMEWORK OF THE LEAGUES.

Equal playing time for all participants is stressed and exposure to infield and outfield positions is encouraged. Minimum playing time, in terms of innings played, shall be established for each League and must be adhered to by all Managers.

Note: We are not associated with the Mt. Lebanon Recreation Dept.


Every player in MLBA will adhere to the guidelines below.
Managers, coaches and parents are asked to set an example for our players.

  1. All players will respect their teammates, coaches and umpires and above all the game of baseball.
  2. Each player is responsible for taking care of his equipment as well as league issued equipment.  Players are expected to be in FULL uniform for a game (team jersey, hat etc.)  Look like a baseball player!
  3. Athletics bring out emotion and passion in everyone involved. You are expected to cheer for your team. No player will tease, taunt or demean any player. No player will “applaud” the mistake of an opposing team or player. 
  4. Respect for coaches and umpire is expected. Any coach or umpire has the right to discipline a player who is disrespectful or insubordinate.  ALL actions are to be reported directly to the President of MLBA.

When you step onto the field you are representing MLBA, your family and your township. Act accordingly, be respectful and above all PLAY to the best of your ability.

Download the Player Code of Conduct

Injury - Concussion Policy

The well-being of our players is of paramount concern during any practice or game. Parents, coaches and officials are asked to make all efforts to ensure that injured players do not continue to participate in practice or games.

The coaches/officials are not responsible for the evaluation or management of a player after he is injured and removed from play. The responsibility for further evaluating and managing the symptomatic player falls upon the player’s parent(s) and their choice of appropriate health care professionals (AHCP). If a player is diagnosed by an AHCP with an injury, which limits his participation from play, it is the player’s parent(s) responsibility to receive a release from the AHCP for the players return to play. Coaches/officials do not need written permission for a player to return nor do the coaches/officials need to verify the credentials of the AHCP.

Concussions at all levels of sports have received a great deal of attention in the past few years. Attention has increased even more so over the past year, culminating with the NFL, NCAA and NFHS testifying before the United States Congress about what each organization is doing to protect athletes from concussion. The MLBA has reviewed our history with this injury and plan to implement a practical approach going forward.

Our goal is to educate, prevent and protect our players with regard to concussions. Players, parent(s) and coaches will receive information listing the common signs and symptoms of a concussion. If the common signs and symptoms of a concussion occur with a player, the player’s parent(s) are responsible for determining if a diagnosis is necessary from an AHCP.


2015 Officers

President: Chip Dalesandro

VP Ops: Jeff Donati

General Counsel: David Franklin

Treasurer: Scott Kerr

Secretary: Carolyn Kernan

VP Fields: Scott Isler

VPs Equipment:
Bob Hornburg

PJ McGuigan

VP Sponsorship: Michael Coco

VP Registration: Gordon Post

Sergeant of Arms: Denny Postufka

Director of Scheduling: Chad Dalson

Director of Umpires: Ian Smith

League Operations 2015:

Bob Hornburg & PJ McGuigan

Fields: Scott Isler

Sponsorships: Michael Coco

Registration: Gordon Post

Umpires: Ian Smith

Website: Jim Humphrey

2015 Info

Maverick (Kindergarten):


Paul Deibert:

Jack Girod:

Matt Smith:


Mustang (First Grade):


Tim Defeo:
Brian Kappeler:


Pinto (2nd Grade):

Co- Commissioners:

Jason Amenta:

Chris Dwyer:

Paul Garlitz:


Minor (3rd & 4th Grades):


Chad Michaelson:

Howard Anderson:

Bob Kish:

Rod Harpst:

Dominic Pelliciotti:


Major (5th & 6th Grades):


John Brown:

Bob Hornburg:

Rich Messmer:

Gordon Post:


Pony (7th & 8th Grades):


Scott Kerr:

PJ McGuigan:

Ed Kubit:

DJ Hughes:

Bryan Procaccini:


Colt - Palomino:



2015 Travel Representatives


14 Year Olds - 5/1/2000 to 04/30/2001
Bryan Procaccini:


13 Year Olds - 5/1/2001 to 04/30/2002
Scott Kerr:


12 Year Olds - 5/1/2002 to 04/30/2003
Mike Coco:


11 Year Olds - 5/1/2003 to 04/30/2004
Bob Hornburg:


10 Year Olds - 5/1/2004 to 04/30/2005
Chip Dalesandro:


9 Year Olds - 5/1/2005 to 04/30/2006
Carolyn Kernan:

Dear Friends of Mt. Lebanon Baseball:

With the New Year comes the preparation of a new baseball season.  The Mt. Lebanon Baseball Association (MLBA) is in full swing with preparations of providing the fun and enjoyment that is youth baseball.

As an all-volunteer organization, MLBA provides opportunities to the youth of Mt. Lebanon to participate in the great game of baseball.  Last year, approximately 1,750 children participated in our various programs, from 6 year old T-Ball league players, thought the 18 year old American Legion team.  Our financial responsibilities include:

  • Full uniform for every player in each league
  • Official baseballs for every league
  • Complete set of catcher’s equipment for each team
  • Field maintenance and upkeep
  • Paid umpires from Minor League and up
  • Operation of Dixon Field concession stand
  • Public utility charges for lights at Middle and Dixon Fields

While every player is charged a registration fee, this unfortunately does not cover all expenses.  For a donation of $250, your firm or business can help us in our endeavor to provide first-rate opportunities to the children of our community.  In addition to our team sponsorships, we hold a fundraiser during the year which allows us to keep each player’s registration fee low.

Your sponsorship provides your firm the following:

  • Framed photo plaque of your sponsored team with your company engraved name
  • Listing on our website in our sponsors section.

Any questions, please contact me:

Mike Coco


Below is the application form to be sent with your payment. On behalf of the parents and children involved with MLBA, we thank you for your support. Any questions, please contact us by Email and we will have someone contact you immediately.

Adobe PDF logo Download: Sponsor Application Form 2014

* This is an Editable PDF Form. You can use the latest Free Adobe Reader to fill out this form and then save it.


Adobe Reader logo and Website Link

We would like to gratefully thank the sponsors for their participation and help in supporting the children who participate in the Mt. Lebanon Baseball Association.

Without their support our association would not be able to provide the completeness of a baseball program that we now enjoy.

For the entire association and the all players, We Thank You!

Adobe PDf Logo  Download the 2015 Sponsor's List

Lebo Baseball 2015 Sponsors
Sponsor Address
Prime Solutions Advisors, LLC
Advanced RX
Allegheny South Veterinary Svcs
Blue Devils
Huntington Bank
Wilke & Associates, CPA's
Wagner Chiropractic
JKS Financial
Pittsburgh Foundry & Maching Co.
Linkowski Family
Learning Express Toys - Galleria
Pete Donati & Sons, Inc.
Franklin Nova Group
Reiferson Miller PLC
Young Galvanizing
James L. Smith Insurance Agency
Mt. Lebanon Police Association
A.J. Vater & Co., Inc.
Tom Kaercher Automotive
Dick's Sporting Goods
Dick's Sporting Goods
Dick's Sporting Goods
Dick's Sporting Goods
Dick's Sporting Goods
Geo. V. Hamilton, Inc.
GVH Environmental Inc.
LifeSpring Home Care
Bado's Pizza Grill & Ale House
Bill Few Associates
JorAl Concepts
Dugan & Associates
Betsy's Ice Cream
Climatech Inc.
Devlin Architecture
Industrial Scientific
Huntington Bank
Pennsylvania Macaroni
The Saloon of Mt Lebanon
Century Sports  
Mt. Lebanon Auto Service  
Stevenson Williams  
Mt. Lebanon Football Assoc  
Mt. Lebanon Baseball Assoc.  
Sports Advisor Board of Mt Lebanon  
Blaise Larotonda District Court


The Mt. Lebanon Baseball Association (MLBA) is entirely a volunteer organization run by people throughout the Mt. Lebanon community, interested in teaching the game of baseball to the youth of Mt. Lebanon.

We do not have any office location or a telephone number.

MLBA conducts all business over the internet through Email:

It is faster if you send your email directly to the person or league commissioner you want to contact. You will find that either the Organizational Chart and/or the League Info & Schedules Page to contain just about everyone's Email address within the organization.


General Email Address:
NOTE: When using this email address, it gets re-directed to the appropriate person if possible. It will take longer to reach the person intended, since there are additional steps and time involved. We Strongly Suggest looking for the person's email address who is the intended recipient or the Commisioner of the League your child plays in.

* League Commissioners have the email addresses of their Managers


MLBA Mailing Address:

Mt. Lebanon Baseball Association
P.O. Box 13068
Pittsburgh, PA 15243

The Mt. Lebanon Baseball Association (MLBA) is not associated with the Mt. Lebanon Recreation Department.

Please do not contact the Mt. Lebanon Recreation Department for assistance with MLBA matters.

Haunted House
Admission Ticket Fundraiser for Jubilee Soup Kitchen

Join the ghouls and goblins for a scary tour. Prepare to be frightened by things that go bump in the night. The tour is appropriate for children: 1st-7th grade.

Downlaod the Flyer



Here are the rules for use of the Wildcat & Middle turf fields as issued by the Township. All MLBA Tournament Directors, Managers & Coaches need to take ownership and make sure these rules are enforced.

Turf Rules of Use for Middle Fields and Wildcat PDF


2015 MLBA Fundraiser Notification

Mt. Lebanon Baseball Association completed its annual fundraiser with a profit over $16,000. Thank you to all MLBA teams from Maverick through Pony in participating and making the fundraiser a success.

Download Complete Details including the Pirate Tickets Raffle Winners


2015 League - Board Meeting Dates:
Location: Bado's Pizza Grill & Ale House, 307 Beverly Road

Sunday - November 15 - 6:30 PM


Managers & Coaches Must Read the Cell Phone Policy:
Click - Read in: League Info & Schedules

View the 2015 Sponsors List for the MLBA

The 2015 MLBA Boosters

Gold Booster Level Logo

KOB Solutions, Inc. Hornicak Family
Dalson Family Marchese Family
The DeCaro's The Martin Family
The Dee Family The McElhattan Family
The Gyurina Family The McGuigan Family

Gold Booster Level Logo

Ralston & Marta Merchant Silverman
Pesacreta Family Taucher Family
Pettko Family Taucher Family
Procaccini Family The Welling Family
Romanias Wilke Family

Blue Level Booster Logo

The Austin/Song Family The Hernandez-Brown Family
Baer Family Tyler "Cobb" Dean
Baker family Frank Family
The Baych Family Friedel Family
Broadhurst Family Green Family

Blue Level Booster Logo

The Heidenreich Family Keough
Nathan Herring Marilee & Steve Kline
Jennifer Howe David Kraemer
Hughes Family The Krebs Family
Jones Kubit Family

Blue Level Booster Logo

Lamendola Family Daniel and Susan Pavlick
Loughran Family The Peters Family
The Maxwell Family The Santore Family
Meer Shaub Family
Abby & Mossie Murphy The Shields Family

Blue Level Booster Logo

Shipley Family Van Deusen Family The Wertz Family
Rick Steiner  
The Stettler Family  
Sunseri Family  

White Booser Level Logo

The Airey Family The Behar-Riess Family
Albert The Brown Family
Antonelli Brylka Family
The Babich Family Burton
The Barber Family Abby Cakes

White Booser Level Logo

Carlins Paul Connolly
Casturo Mary Crowley
Chiappetta Liokareas Construction Co.
Clafshenkel Curran Family
The Cochran Family Darakos

White Booser Level Logo

Delvaux Family Edwards
DePasquas Felser Family
The Dipners Kaitlin Metz
The Donahey Family The Gannon Family
The Dunn Family  Garlitz Family

White Booser Level Logo

Giarrusso Griffin Family
Gibbons' Family Aiden Halter
John Girod The Hartnetts
Gould Helmeci
Andy & Tammy Graybill The Hendrick Family

White Booser Level Logo

Paul Hergenroeder Kalafut Family
Hoffman Brian Kappeler
The Hogg Family Kawecki
Jones Keen
Jordan The Klasnicks

White Booser Level Logo

Kraus Family Leech Family
Lascek Mackey Family
Nicoletta Cicero Mackey Ethan
Delia D'Alesandro Mackey Reid
Latona The Manning Family

White Booser Level Logo

McAuley-Stein The Michaels Family
McCormack Milanak
McGeary Family Seth Morgans Family
Messimer Family Murray
Meyer Neavin Family

White Booser Level Logo

Nichols Family Pellicano
Ken and Jill Nolan Pellicciotti
Palmerine Perotti Family
The Patrick Family The Peters Family
Peer Petulla Family

White Booser Level Logo

The Pilarski Family Primm Family
Pittle Provins
Plesco Quealy Family
The Portman Family Remark Family
Post Repcheck Family

White Booser Level Logo

Ribstein Family Schmidt
Roman Schubert
Rounsfull Amy and Jason Spector
Rychcik Family The Skocik Family
The Schaums Sutter Smith

White Booser Level Logo

Cory Winters Carl Thoresen
Michael Snyder Jim and Tracy Tinnemeyer
Jacquee Simpson Tipton
The Taylor Family The Torchia Family
Tharnish The Williams Family

White Booser Level Logo

Young Family  
Zimmerman Family  
Zundel Family  

The Mt. Lebanon Baseball Association would also like to thank all those who contributed as Gold, Blue, or White Boosters, who wish to remain anonymous.

Thank You Everyone For Your Generous Contributions.